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Jessica Altieri – Sales Enabler – Brand Influencer – Social Media Entrepreneur – Wine Expert

Wine Enthusiast    TOP 40 UNDER 40 TASTEMAKERS 2016 

JESSICA ALTIERI,  Founder/CEO, Wine Channel TV Digital Network

Jessica Altieri Brand Influencer


Sales Enabler  –  Social Media Influencer  –  Wine Influencer Sommelier – Water Sommelier  – TV Host  –  Brand Ambassador

Jessica Altieri, is a social media entrepreneur, sales enabler, Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 Tastemaker, 2018 Top 40 Wine Influencer, on-camera host and storyteller with her personal quotation that is posted outside of the Disneyland Wine Country Trattoria venue: “Wine Is Just A Conversation Waiting To Happen”.

Altieri’s latest certification as a Water Sommelier further solidifies her position as an innovative authority in the U.S. and around the world. Certification as a Water Sommelier makes Jessica part of a highly exclusive group of tasting professionals. Until 2015, there was only one Water Sommelier in the entire U.S., and even today only a handful exist worldwide.

A pioneer in the use of video and digital “storytelling” with social media for over 8 years, Altieri created the worlds first digital wine lifestyle platform and partnered with some of the most iconic brands in the world, including, Penfolds, Treasury Wine Estates, E&J Gallo and Constellation Brands. Curating original video content with live events and activating full-scale social media takeovers, Altieri gains millions of impressions for the brands she advocates for.

Altieri is the host of “Wine Conversations with Jessica Altieri” on the revolVer Podcast platform. In her book “Kiss My Glass” the NO-BS Wine Buying Guide, Jean-Charles Boisset called Altieri “vibrant, dynamic & charming wine expert, Jess brings joie de vivre, excitement and exuberance to the wine world” while Seresin Estate winemaker Clive Dougall  noted “Jessica brings a great, modern, fun and youthful energy to wine that I’ve not encountered before”.

WHAT I DO: I help wine brands, wine PR firms, and wine lifestyle brands position their products in front of targeted audiences to promote engagement, brand awareness, and sales by creating dynamic social media lifestyle campaigns as well as live events and promotions.

HOW I DO IT: I am a wine lover, wine professional, wine judge, wine researcher, wine expert , and digital media executive who promotes wine brands and wine lifestyle brands. I am a pioneer in the world of wine lifestyle “edutainment.” I offer social media engagement, video campaigns, and branded content.

• Winemakers
• Retail Executives
• Marketing & PR executives
• Wine lifestyle partners – hotels, fashion, travel

WHY IT WORKS: My quality content and promotions have generated over 350K social media followers.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I have been creating, producing, and publishing wine lifestyle media for over nine years. I am polished in front of the camera as a host and brand ambassador, and accomplished off the camera as a researcher and social media strategist. A certified sommelier and highly sought after wine judge, I have traveled the world extensively to explore winemaking regions and meet with winemakers and vintners.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: “A vibrant, dynamic & charming wine expert, Jess brings joie de vivre, excitement and exuberance to the wine world. She is a grand host that will open many cellar doors!” – Jean-Charles Boisset | Boisset Family Estates

“Infectious personality, energetic, wine smart and tells it as it is – just what all wine consumers need with such a vast array of wines to choose from.” – Alastair Maling MW | Villa Maria

HOW IT WORKS: Visit to see more of our brand promotion, social media marketing, and sponsorship opportunities, and learn more about Jess at

Ms. Altieri has extensive international travel and food experience traveling within Italy, Spain, New Zealand, France and Africa. For more information, please visit, 

Jessica Altieri – Digital Wine Social Media Influencer

2018 Top Wine Social Media Influencer – Jessica Altieri

Wine Social Media Influencer Campaigns with Jessica Altieri 2018 Top Wine Influencer Jessica Altieri

Searching for the best means of promoting your wine with social media and video? If yes, then no need to look further anymore as Jessica Altieri, CEO of Wine Channel TV Media can lead your campaign. In Chicago, wine brands and experts choose to get in touch with Jessica to create one of a kind live wine tasting experiences.

How can she help? Well, Jessica is a well-known wine personality in Chicago offering wine social media video campaigns with leading wine lifestyle brands, restaurants, hotels, resorts and sports brands. Jessica utilizes the Wine Channel TV Digital Network, which reaches over 1.5m viewers each month to promote your wine brand.

Fast-Track Your Wine Influencer Social Media Video Campaign with Jessica Altieri and Wine Channel TV

Jessica Altieri can work with your team to “fast-track” your campaign.

She will guide and support you with your aim of promoting your business to succeed with the help of her wine social media video campaigns. The best thing about these campaigns is the fact that you will not only acquire success in the market but your wine would be always remembered by the viewers.

Wine social media with video is trending in 2017 and will reach new record levels of video consumption. ARe you ready to launch? Please contact me at media (at) or visit Wine Channel TV Social Media Agency at

Kiss My Glass

In 2013 Altieri published Kiss My Glass: Jess Altieri’s “No BS” Wine Buying Guide

Jess Altieri’s “No BS” Wine Buying Guide was written to help people discover the world of wine without breaking the bank. Let’s face it. Buying wine can be intimidating. But with the help of Kiss My Glass, the pocket wine-buying guide by renowned wine expert Jess Altieri, you can choose wine like a pro. Let Jess show you her favorite wines, season by season. She’ll empower your choices and boost you up over the “wine dating” hump. These delicious wine choices won’t break the bank but will make you shop like a rock star. Whether you need a light white to kick off a girls’ night out, or a bold red to shake up your next Super Bowl party, Jess Altieri’s vast experience in the world of wines is at your service.

For more on Jessica Altieri, please visit, or Wine Channel TV Media at

 Jessica Altieri, Certified Sommelier |CWAS®