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Jessica Altieri on February 10, 2016 - 10:53 am in #BestSipEver

Digital Sips …. Where Taste and Tech Collide.

Wine TV lifestyle host Jessica Altieri presents Digital SIps, Where Taste and Tech Collide. Today a special interview with Meal Sharing Founder Jay Savsani.

Jessica Altieri Digital SIps with WIne TVLearn more about Digital Sips from Wine Channel TV

It’s the dream of every winemaker. A new wave of millennials know and love your wine. It’s their preferred beverage. The one they ask for, bring to parties and share with their friends online. Enter Digital Sips from Wine Channel TV with wine lifestyle host Jessica Altieri, ( Certified Sommelier and California Wine Appellation Specialist.

These customers love your product because it’s something that they can savor, causing them to slow down for a moment to enjoy the visceral experience that only your wine can give them. It makes these young customers want more – more wine and more information. They want to know more about your process, from choosing the perfect grape to designing your now famous label.

Your life becomes easier because your customers seek you out. You don’t have to worry about things like Twitter or Pinterest anymore. Instead, your only concern is making the best wine you can, while your loyal customers spread the word.

Demand for your products increases, as do your profits. You’re able to expand your business and delegate those tasks you hate. Now, you have more time to sit and enjoy the very wine that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Your future is secure, and you get to drink the wine you always wanted to make.

Here are some things you may not know about your future customers:

  • This BuzzFeed generation has a short attention span and wants to contribute to conversations by sharing content through social media.
  • These 25- to 35-year olds have grown up online and live on their smartphones.
  • Tend to trust a virtual friend’s wine recommendation over a recommendation made by a retailer
  • Don’t read extensive wine reviews in print
  • Wants to have an authentic relationship with their wine; therefore, millennials are more likely to choose a higher-end wine with a story behind it
  • Seek out less pretentious experiences for fun, irreverent and adventurous ones

Millennials are your next generation of customers, and they enjoy overturning conventions and expectations. More importantly, they want to share their experiences virtually. If you want to tap into this lucrative market, you will need to embrace new platforms and opportunities.

Wine Channel TV and Digital Sips are designed to help you with this through entertaining interviews shared through YouTube and several digital platforms. We offer several sponsored advertising packages that focus on the millennial generation, combining technology with a fun and accessible wine lifestyle. We currently have more than 400,000 followers through social media, and provide videos that are engaging and easy to share. Want more information? Email us at: media (at) wctvnetwork (dot) com


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