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#BestSipEver Winemaker For A Day

Jessica Altieri on October 7, 2015 - 1:58 pm in Featured Video, Killer Pairings, What's Trending

Wine Is Fun. Fun is Wine.

#BestsipEver with Jean-Charles Boisset“The more I taste, the less I know”, was a memorable thought from Jean-Charles Boisset on a Wine Experience tour at Raymond Vineyards. Move over Master Chefs, Top Chefs, Reality TV cooks. We’ve got the reality TV equivalent with the “Winemaker For A Day” wine lifestyle experience at Raymond Vineyards.

Wine Channel TV CEO and Certified Sommelier  Jessica Altieri was onsite with Jean-Charles Boisset at Raymond Vineyards for a complete tour of the tasting experience. Here’s what you can expect at Raymond Vineyards:  “The Blending Room allows guests to be “Winemaker for a Day”; learn the winemaker’s art while blending your own red wine from Napa’s esteemed appellations. Following the blending session, guests will take home a bottle of their blend that day with their own custom label; they can order a case of their personally-crafted wine to share with friends and family at any time.”

The silver and red lab coats are part of changing the way wine enthusiasts experience the wine lifestyle at Raymond Vineyards.

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