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#BestSipEver with Winemaker Daryl Groom

Jessica Altieri on September 2, 2018 - 8:51 am in Featured Video, Wine Lifestyle, WineChannelTV

#BestSipEver with Winemaker Daryl Groom

#BestSipEver with Daryl GroomIf you want to know about wine and Australia, you talk to Daryl Groom.Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri is joined by legendary winemaker Daryl Groom of Groom Wines. 34 million kangaroos roam where this wine is made. Join us for a #BestSipEver feature segment on Wine Channel TV.

How about this for a background in the wine industry:

San Francisco Chronicle – Winemaker of the Year
Dallas Morning News – Publishers Award, Winemaker of the Year
Houston Chronicle – Winemaker of the Year
Los Angeles Times – Winemaker of the Year
Mead on Wine – Winemaker of the Year
Food & Wine – One of 11 Visionaries to Change the World of Wine
Dallas – TV Munson Award for International Accomplishment
IWSC – International Winemaker of the Year

Daryl resides in the USA. In addition to being “Flying Winemaker” for Groom, Daryl is Winemaker and Owner for DXG Wines in California and is partner with Social Grapes, an exciting new wine social networking phone app and website. Daryl also proudly launched Colby Red Wine in 2011. This wine was conceived and inspired by his son Colby. The wine raises money for charities that promote heart health and research. 

Prior to this he has held numerous positions in the Wine Industry including Vice President of Winemaking & Operations for Peak Wines International and Beam Wine Estates and both Senior White Winemaker and then Senior Red Winemaker for Penfolds Wines in Australia. His foundation was producing Penfolds famed red wine, Grange, which he oversaw from 1984 until his move to the USA in 1990. Daryl makes regular trips back to South Australia to oversee all winemaking operations for Groom to ensure the highest quality product.

Stay tuned for another #BestSipEver feature segment on Wine Channel TV!


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