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How To Buy Wine at Supermarkets

Jessica Altieri on November 27, 2016 - 8:15 am in Featured Video, WineChannelTV

Supermarket Wine Buying Tips

How To Buy Supermarket Wine with Wine TVWine lifestyle superstores are changing the way consumers shop, buy and taste wines across the world. Buying wine at a supermarket can be a harrowing experience.

Wine Channel TV  wine lifestyle host, Jessica Altieri takes you inside Mariano’s for a fun, fresh look at some wines and pairings for this upcoming Holiday Season.

How to Buy Wine at Supermarkets

Here are some tips to keep you on the straight and narrow as you venture into the unknown that is the supermarket wine world:

Penne pasta: check. Cream and tomatoes for a nice rosé sauce: check. Fresh basil for garnish: check. To complete the meal, you’ll need to stop by a wine store for a light Sicilian red.  But as you pass the supermarket wine display, you’re tempted. Could you possibly find a choice bottle in—gasp!—a supermarket?

In many states, super markets, convenience stores and even gas stations offer wine worth your while. Selling wine and food at the same store is sensible, as wine and a nice meal go hand-in-hand. Half of store wine purchases are actually made at supermarkets or wholesale stores.

Google it

Don’t trust a supermarket’s “fine wine” section. Consult with your trusty smart phone, first. Look for wine ratings, wine scores, and reviews. If you find, “Terrible wine, gave me a headache, full of sulfites, etc.” don’t buy it—even if it’s labeled “fine wine.”

Consider shelf life

Supermarkets have a different idea of shelf life than an upscale wine cellar. Supermarkets and convenience stores will keep a wine until it sells, without paying mind to when the wine would best be consumed. When picking a vintage, look for a more recent year.

Look for mark downs

You may know more about the “good stuff” than a grocery store manager. Check the mark downs, and you’ll be surprised at the deals you’ll find from quality estates and cellars.

Learn how to read the label for insight on taste and quality

First you’ll want to check the grape variety, place of origin, and producer. Quality assurance labels, such as DOC, DOCG, AOC and DO mark higher qualities of wine. In addition, check the classification of the region and the vineyard. Organic grapes indicate a higher quality of production. Noting the alcohol level helps predict the body or sweetness of the bottle.

Most of all…have fun…and remember as I always say: “Wine Is Just A Conversation Waiting To Happen” – Jessica Altieri




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