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Luxury Auto and Wine Lifestyle – Women Influence

Jessica Altieri on March 12, 2018 - 8:35 am in Chicago / IL, Featured Video, Wine Events, Wine Lifestyle, WineChannelTV

Meet Joe Perillo Owner of Gold Coast Bentley in Chicago

From the Frost and Sullivan report, “Although it is hard to make predictions on trends related to car ownership, it is clear that 80 percent of car buying decisions are now influenced by women“.


Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri joined Joe Perillo, CEO of Bentley Gold Coast in Chicago to talk about the changes and influence women have in the luxury auto and wine lifestyle marketplace.

It’s not by accident that women are taking power in a rising number of areas in our daily lives; from political, sports to hi-tech.  For the first time in the history of the auto industry, a Frost & Sullivan report finds that the number of women with driving licenses (DL) in the U.S. over took that of men, not just in one of the young age groups, but consistently across all age groups greater than 25.Jessica Altieri Luxury Wine Influencer

As a young boy growing up in a Chicago’s Italian neighborhood, Joe Perillo had only dreamed about owning a nice car one day. Today his Bentley Gold Coast dealership is home to some of the most valuable vehicles in the world, including Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Rolls-Royce and located just steps off the Magnificent Mile, in beautiful downtown Chicago. Joe has been in the automotive sales industry for over 4 decades. He lives by the Golden Rule: to treat all customers and others as you would like to be treated. How does Joe select his wine? Find out in this featured Wine Channel TV Wine Lifestyle segment!

Jessica Altieri is a social media entrepreneur, sales enabler, Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 Tastemaker, 2018 Top 40 Wine Influencer, on-camera host and storyteller with her personal quotation that is posted outside of the Disneyland Wine Country Trattoria venue: “Wine Is Just A Conversation Waiting To Happen”.

Altieri’s latest certification as a Water Sommelier further solidifies her position as an innovative authority in the U.S. and around the world. Certification as a Water Sommelier makes Jessica part of a highly exclusive group of tasting professionals. Until 2015, there was only one Water Sommelier in the entire U.S., and even today only a handful exist worldwide.

A pioneer in the use of video and digital “storytelling” with social media for over 8 years, Altieri created the worlds first digital wine lifestyle platform and partnered with some of the most iconic brands in the world, including, Penfolds, Treasury Wine Estates, E&J Gallo and Constellation Brands. Curating original video content with live events and activating full-scale social media takeovers, Altieri gains millions of impressions for the brands she advocates for.

Altieri is the host of “Wine Conversations with Jessica Altieri” on the revolVer Podcast platform. In her book “Kiss My Glass” the NO-BS Wine Buying Guide, Jean-Charles Boisset called Altieri “vibrant, dynamic & charming wine expert, Jess brings joie de vivre, excitement and exuberance to the wine world” while Seresin Estate winemaker Clive Dougall  noted “Jessica brings a great, modern, fun and youthful energy to wine that I’ve not encountered before”.


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