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New Zealand White Wine Love Affair

Jessica Altieri on February 24, 2011 - 6:23 am in Featured Video

Creating a “love affair” with wine and food sometimes takes a matchmaker. “The Matchmaker” brought together,Complexity Fine Wines of New Zealand, Sunda Restaurant Chef Mike Morales and the Kenmore Live Studio. Master Winemaker, Alastair Maling of Villa Maria Winery and Jess Altieri of WineChannelTV bring it all together!

Wine Channel TV’s Jess Altieri and Master of Wine Alastair Maling describe various white wines and explain the differences between different types of white wines as Sunda Chef Mike Morales demonstrates how to prepare crab-crusted ahi tuna.

Alastair also talks about the International Screwcap Initiative and how it has impacted the wine industry. He and Jess also field questions from both the live audience and the online audience watching the live stream on Kenmore’s Facebook page.

Watch as we bring together some great white and sparkling wines with specially prepared crab cakes in front of a live and online audience at the Kenmore Live Studio.


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