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“Restaurant Encyclopedia” Bob Lape With Wine Channel TV

Jessica Altieri on March 10, 2011 - 7:17 am in Featured Video

Jessica Altieri, host and CEO from Wine Channel TV, with Emmy Award winning food and media critic, Bob Lape on the new view and comparison of Italian Cuisine to French Cuisine. Bob was attending the Vino 2011 Italian Wine Week event and we caught up with him after a great seminar.

Known as “The Restaurant Encyclopedia”, Bob is an Emmy Award-winning member  who brought food to prime time television on leading stations in New York City and has kept it there continuously for 30 years. He served THE TODAY SHOW as food critic and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT as media critic. “Bob Lape’s Dining Diary” is aired 15 times weekly on WCBS Newsradio 88.

Bob also provides you with one of his all time favorite Italian Food and Wine Pairings!


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