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Rosebud’s Best Meatball Recipe Contest Winner is….

Jessica Altieri on June 6, 2011 - 5:43 am in Featured Video

And the winner is…Rosebud Restaurant for hosting a fantastic, fun filled, day of wine and of course, meatballs! Officially, the contest winner was Mr. Bill Anaszewicz! Rosebud Restaurants here in Chicago held their annual Meatball Celebration Contest this past month to see who has the best meatball recipe in Chicago. The event included the launch of the Santa Margherita Classico Reserve wine.

The real winners were the standing room only crowd of over 200 who attended and were able to enjoy a true “family festival” like atmosphere. Nothing like great people, tables of families, with kids and grandparents sitting together over a big bowl of sauce and meatballs!

A special shout out and thanks to Ms. Nancy Barabba, and Chef Michael Ponzio,the behind the scenes people who made this all possible. Enjoy the video!


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