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USA’s #1 Meatball Celebration Event at Rosebud Cafe

Jessica Altieri on May 10, 2011 - 12:35 pm in Featured Video

Here we go! Did you say meatballs? Chicago? Fuggetaboutit! It’s the #1 Meatball Contest and Celebration Event in the USA and it happens at Rosebud Cafe on Taylor Street on May 22, 2011. Come hungry or go home!

Very simply, the best balls have been chosen. Eight lucky finalists were chosen in the Meatball Recipe contest and will compete in our industry professional kitchen at the restaurant where the Rosebud tradition was born—Rosebud Café at 1500 West Taylor Street in Chicago.

Your very own “Just Jess” will be one of the judges and I can already say, I’m showing up hungry!

Catch Chef Michael Ponzio in the video as we talk about the contest and what makes Rosebud a long standing Chicago food icon; people and food! It’s all about the passion! For more information visit Rosebud Meatball Celebration Event .  See you there!


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