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Wine TV – Luxury Wine Lifestyle

Jessica Altieri on May 19, 2015 - 2:32 pm in Featured Video, Wine Lifestyle

Wine TV Luxury Wine LifestyleWine lovers that enjoy high end wines are traveling the world seeking new luxury destinations and experiences. It’s not a coincidence they also seek new and trending wine regions. Luxurious wine destinations with spas, golf courses and food are becoming a popular choice for wine lovers. From Spain, to Argentina and traditional favorites in Italy, France and Napa Valley, a record number of tourists are seeking that perfect pairing of luxury and great wine.

Luxury retailers in fashion, auto, jewelry and art are finding that a great “currency” to attract this audience is wine. Add in a “Top Chef” and you have the “experience” that fine wine collectors are looking for in a vacation or weekend retreat. The luxury wine experience is a new “niche” category for marketers, travel agents and wine tour companies.

Take a peek at the video to get a taste of a Bentley and Wine experience we think you will like!




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