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How To Drink Water Like A Water Sommelier

Jessica Altieri on January 15, 2019 - 8:10 am in Jessica Altieri, Water Sommelier

Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri 2019 Sip Guide

Water Sommelier Jessica AltieriJessica Altieri, Certified Water Sommelier from world renowned Doemens Academy in Germany presents Sip Smart Guide for 2019. Here are some basic facts about water you need to know as you head into the “StayHydrated season.

Fast Facts You Should Know

  1. More than 35,000 people die each day throughout the world from disease caused by impure or lack of drinking water. That equals more than 12,000,000 per year or more than the per year total killed in each of the six years of World War II.
  2. Three to four of every five children related deaths are directly related to unsanitary or contaminated drinking water.
  3. Municipal water supplies in the United States, although regulated by the Environmental protection agency (EPA) still contain a large number of contaminants. Many types of bottled water also contain contaminants.
  4. Adults lose about 10 glasses of water daily. Some is replenished in the food we eat, and some is replenished in beverages, but most is replenished in the form of drinking water.
  5. Clean water is essential for water sports. A swimmer in clean water is safe from illnesses and diseases produced by contaminated and toxic water. A surfer does not have to fear swallowing water in a wipe out. Boaters and others who use our water for recreation can relax without concern about pollutants. Yet, 27 years after the passage of the 1972 Clean Water Act, 40% of our rivers, lakes, and estuaries were still too polluted for safe swimming and similar water sports.
  6. Every cell in the human body requires water. Put them altogether, with their load of water, and your body weight is almost two-thirds water. If you weigh 150 pounds (68 kg), about 100 pounds (45 kg) of that is water. You are mostly water, but how does your body use drinking water?
  7. Brain cells that have plenty of drinking water are able to circulate fresh, oxygen-laden blood more readily. The brain remains fresh and alert. Even a small drop in drinking water levels can make your brain’s performance level drop as much as 20 to 30 percent!
  8. Muscle cells with a ready supply of drinking water are able to work longer without tiring. Water delivers a continuing supply of oxygen to muscles. If you are exercising in warm weather, your muscle will need more drinking water every 15 minutes to remain strong.
  9. Your body’s temperature is maintained through drinking water. The water regulates body temperature through sweat. To maintain a normal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit on hot days, or when exercising, the body sweats. Sweat cools the body, but sweat uses up water. We must have a lot of drinking water to replenish the supply.
  10. Nerve cells transmit messages to and from the brain. To do this, they must use electrolytes. Drinking water is an important way to maintain electrolytes at the proper level so that the nerves can do their work.
  11. Drinking water is like oiling your body’s joints. Water lubricates the joints, keeping them flexible, and ensuring smooth motion.
  12. Eye and Mouth Protection. Water keeps your eyes and mouth moist. It washes dirt and dust away from your eyes.
  13. One of the most important benefits to drinking a lot of water is the benefit realized in the kidneys. Urine, which is almost entirely water, removes waste products from the body. As it does so, it leaves your body. Your body must replace that water. Get too little drinking water, and toxic levels of waste build up. The body becomes ill, and eventually dies.
  14. Drinking water is like oiling your body’s joints. Water lubricates the joints, keeping them flexible, and ensuring smooth motion.

Myths about Cold Drinking Water

For many years, people have circulated various myths about cold drinking water. These have no scientific basis, but are offered here for your information.

Myth #1: Cold drinking water after meals causes cancer by solidifying ingested fat, slowing digestion, and lining intestine walls with the fat. Actually, body heat cancels out any effects of cold food or water.

Myth #2: Cold drinking water after eating fruit is bad for you. This one, around since at least 1923, is probably based on the truth that too much beverage, at any temperature, may dilute digestive juices.

Myth #3: Cold drinking water harms delicate stomach lining. Currently on the Internet, this has no truth. Stomach lining is extremely robust, as it must be to withstand the highly caustic digestive acids.

For years, health experts have recommended that average adults have at least eight glasses of water daily. That amount should be increased if you exercise, if the weather is hot, or when humidity is low. Overweight adults, who require more water, should add an additional glass for every 25 pounds of excess weight in order to speed metabolism.

The body needs water, and the most important question for most people is not whether the water should be warm or cold, but whether they are drinking enough.

What Is A Water Sommelier?

A Water Sommelier is someone educated on the properties of water and the elements that affect it. Training includes identification of the terroir, which is the manner in which the geographic region affects the flavor and properties of the water before settling in the location from which it is sourced for drinking. Different terroirs produce varying levels of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. These minerals, which are present at different levels based on geography and other factors, have a marked impact on the taste and mouthfeel of water.

Different kinds of water pair better with different types of food, just like wine. Additionally, the quality and type of water used in coffee and tea have a significant impact on the taste of the beverage and can also alter the taste profile of a glass of wine or an entire meal.

Jessica’s innovative, sophisticated, but humble approach has established her as one of the world’s most sought-after millennial-aged professional wine judges and tasting experts. In conjunction with her work with lifestyle brands in food, fashion, retail and hi-tech, Jessica Altieri is undeniably an innovative authority in the wine lifestyle industry.

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