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60 Second Wine Vacation Kumeu River Wines

Jessica Altieri on February 5, 2018 - 8:17 am in Killer Pairings, What's Trending

Say Hello To Kumeu River

Author: Jessica Altieri | Publisher | Wine Channel TV Digital Network

Wine TV Kumeu River60 Second Wine Vacation from TV.Wine takes you on a New Zealand wine tour with Kumey River Wines. Kumeu River Wines was founded by the Brajkovich Family in 1944. The family had migrated to Kumeu, New Zealand from Croatia and son Michael has been leading the way following in his family’s footsteps. Brajkovich became the first New Zealander to earn the title of Master of Wine in 1989. He is also a member of the International Screwcap Initiative, making him one of the world’s leading proponents of Stelvin closures.

Kumeu’s French oak barrels play a large role in the development of their wines, such as their Burgundian style Chardonnay I sampled, which has won numerous accolades from press like Wine Spectator. It’s been named “New Zealand’s best Chardonnay” year in and year out due to it’s consistency of high quality and style in New Zealand’s Auckland region.

The Unforgettable Kiss

Want a great Chardonnay story? It came from a live-streamed interview with Master of Wine Michael Brackovich. As host of New Zealand Wine Day, I’m used to wine bigwigs talking the talk. But when I praised his stellar Chardonnay, Michael— with an international audience watching—leaned right in to the camera to promote the International Screwcap Initiative he helped launch Down Under. The screwcaps vs. corks debate riles up all wine lovers. It’s a saucy debate. That day Brackovich proclaimed, “the future is screw caps.” And you surely cannot fault his award-winning wines!

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