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Sipping Sexy at The Underground

Jessica Altieri on July 28, 2014 - 8:01 am in Killer Pairings

There’s no big sign on the street or a wall for The Underground in Chicago.

Only a line Wine Channel TV with Jessica Altierithat starts forming at around 9:30 PM each and every night. And for good reason. It’s not the place you would expect a “wine tasting to start at 10 PM. But that’s also why it was the perfect place for a Summer Wine Tasting with Wine Channel TV CEO Jessica Altieri.  The Underground features a subway-style entrance, a posh lounge like interior with plush sofa seating, 2 DJ booths and motion reactive party lighting that gets everyone in the mood to sip and dance.

Three featured wines were the centerpiece of the evening; Trump Winery, Rock Wall Wine Company and Jam Jar Wines. The wine lifestyle pairing was a collection handbags from MAPA Collective 

Maria-Paula Herrera, founder of Mapa Collective as on hand to meet with guests and paired her newest handbags with the wines for guests. Paula was born in the United States to Colombian parents. Her family moved to Guatemala, Greece, and later Spain before landing back in Chicago. Always a lover of fashion, Paula was influenced by the cultures she encountered throughout her international upbringing, collecting handbags and accessories all along. She has found some of her most treasured pieces in her native Colombia.



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