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Wine TV Lifestyle with Jessica Altieri
Jessica Altieri on February 10, 2016 - 12:50 pm in Sip & Shop

Wine TV Lifestyle – Monvinic, Barcelona

Wine TV Lifestyle with Jessica AltieriWine TV lifestyle with Jessica Altieri takes you to Monvinic, Barcelona. Stylish and utterly Catalan, Monvínic was founded with the aim of becoming an international benchmark for the dissemination of wine culture and lifestyle. A revolutionary open space, created by pioneer Sergi Ferrer-Salat, opens its doors wide to present an unrivalled selection of wines from all over the world. And, what’s more, the wine bar (if you can belittle it to this status alone) allows the discerning wine aficionado to explore the how and the why of each bottle. Mesmerising, no?

Whether it is the wine bar, the culinary space or the tasting and conference room you’re after, the revolutionary digital wine list developed by the Monvínic team constitutes the ideal guide for their wine journey around the world. It is a wine list which is simultaneously agile, instructive and entertaining, making the experience an even more fruitful one. A wine list which also reflects another steadfast commitment: to offer the wines at very reasonable prices. So, what Monvinic does is facilitate you in making drinking wine an experience that is all the more joyful and pleasurable.

Each day, the team at Monvinic opens a generous selection of around thirty wines from the four corners of the world, which can be enjoyed by the bottle or indeed, the glass. With this selection comes new places and new sensations to discover. The bar also has a range of tapas which take their inspiration from traditional Catalan dishes, but with the contemporary tedge of chef Sergi de Meià. You can find dishes on offer which complement the wine and move with the seasons – all of these elements make Monvinic a great place to enjoy wine as a lifestyle. Be sure to watch Wine Channel TV and wine lifestyle host Jessica Altieri on

Jessica Altieri is a leading digital wine lifestyle executive, entertaining and educating wine enthusiasts around the globe. Her innovative, non-pretentious approach to wine has attracted leading lifestyle brands in food, fashion, retail and hi-tech.


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