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Wine TV Must Try Hotel Wine Bar – Ash St. Cellar Sydney

Wine TV Hotel Bar Feature
Jessica Altieri on June 5, 2016 - 8:45 am in Sip & Shop

Ash St. Cellar Sydney

Author: Jessica Altieri | Editor Wine Channel TV Network

Wine TV Hotel Bar PicksWine TV takes you on a wine lifestyle trip to Sydney, Australia for a Wine TV “Must Try” wine bar. A modern European-style bistro bar, Ash St. Cellar and wine bar is warmly tucked away behind a large amount of ivy.  Classic café chairs, warm wooden décor and a fantastic Parisian ‘plein aire’ seating area creates an ideal hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Sydney city life. Head chef Alfie Spina creates stylish European tapas with French, Italian and Spanish influences to compliment the fabulous array of wines available.

The wine list, which is passionately overseen by sommelier Franck Moreau, has a great highlights section. This means that on any given day, ‘Franck’s latest discoveries’ might be a warm, soft pinot noir from the Sonoma Coast, or maybe a buttery soave from Veneto. But of course, the regular wine list is still on offer with a huge emphasis on wonderful wines by the glass. If you go for a sherry, they will even served it to you with complimentary tapas.

In terms of price, it’s not on the lower end of the spectrum. But, the service impeccable and the staff know their stuff. It is a fantastic opportunity to try the wines of one of Sydney’s best sommeliers in a casual laneway location. So, if you do find yourself in Aus, make your way to the Ash St. Cellar for a wonderful glass of wine. Be sure to stay tuned to Wine TV and host Jessica Altieri for all your wine lifestyle happenings around the world.


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