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Wine TV Wine Bar Review – L’Avant Comptoir, Paris

Wine TV Wine Bar Review
Jessica Altieri on June 30, 2016 - 9:00 am in #BestSipEver, Sip & Shop

Wine TV Wine Bar Review

Author: Jessica Altieri | CEO | Wine Channel TV Digital Network

Wine TV Wine Bar ReviewYves Camdeborde’s sought-after wine bar ‘L’Avant Comptoir’ opened at the end of 2009. The famous chef wanted to challenge the mindset that many Parisians have that good food can only be eaten while sitting. That’s right; it is standing room only in this wine bar. And funnily enough, due to its popularity, it is usually packed.

Camdeborde’s vision has come true and it is truly a place to where people come to share food, drinks, and lively conversation. What seems just like a crowded bar at first slowly becomes a gathering of friends as you soak up the ambience. It is a popular establishment with a great selection of wines and serving delicious tapas-style hors d’œuvres true to the style of south-western French cuisine.

Although some items on the menu change daily, the ‘specials’, you are always bound to find the communal bread basket, a bowl of corinchons, and great selection of freshly carved meats and cheeses. Very French indeed – and each plate has its own special wine to go with it.

With the menu hanging on the ceiling as laminated cards, ‘L’Avant Comptoir’ offers a smorgasbord of pork items and other interesting snacks to go with your preferred vino, or should we say, vin. Although it is all in French (of course, this is no hive for tourists!) the pictures help decide which few you want to choose.

On top of the great atmosphere and unmissable food, ‘L’Avant Comptoir’ also has reasonable prices. It also has a takeaway crêpe stand at its storefront that makes both salty and sweet crêpes.

So, whether you need to relax with a glass of wine after work or you just are looking for a great venue to meet friends, ‘L’Avant Comptoir’ is the place to go.


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