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Sip Some Austria with Jessica Altieri

Jessica Altieri on June 3, 2018 - 8:06 am in Featured Video, Killer Pairings, Sip Some Austria

Jessica Altieri #SipSomeAustria

Jessica Altieri visits the Southern Styrian region of Austria

The “Sip Some Austria” tour continues as Jessica Altieri, CEO and host of Wine Channel TV, visits with Wolfgang Pfanner of Genussregal “Vino Faktur” in Südsteiermark, Austria. The Genussregal is a large market hall with authentic tastes and sips from the southern Styrian region of Austria. Southern Styrian landscapes feature gentle hills with vineyards, forests, and meadows. The southern Styrian wine is exquisite with a wide range of varieties and internationally recognized quality, especially in regard to the region’s Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat. Indulge in the wide selection of very best wines and the finest regional delicacies among the limitless shelves of reds, whites, sparkling wines, and blends. This “wide selection” of wine entails over 1,000,000 stored bottles—prepare to be overwhelmed. Perk: Wines can be tasted for free. In addition to sampling wines, explore the market for oils, Knabberkerne, pesto, vinegar, jam, honey, brandy, chocolate, and ham. The Genussregal Market Hall also includes a “Pleasure Bar” with a “Best Südsteirische Wine List.” Genussregal also features a Südsteirische National Exhibition, allowing guests to deeply experience the flavors of southern Styria dedicated to the “delights” of the region and how quality products are produced. Visitors enter different spaces of experience and become immersed in the tastes Styrian products. The exhibition includes 10,000 workers, 35 films and film excerpts, entertaining, 8 info booths, 2 chocolate fountains, and 1 cyber moped. Stay tuned to Wine Channel TV for more exclusive “Sip Some Austria” featured videos. Prost! #sipsomeaustria

Join Jessica Altieri, CEO of Wine Channel TV, for a preview of the “Sip Some Austria”, #sipsomeaustria video series on Wine Channel TV. Wine Channel TV toured the Austrian countryside, taking viewers on a wine lifestyle tour to one of the world’s most unique wine regions uncovering countless blends and varietals that you need to try in 2016 and beyond. Wine Channel TV will be bringing you exclusive interviews with winemakers, tastemakers, and more to take you “inside” the Austrian wine scene. Austrian vineyards charm tourists with breathtaking vistas and quaint “Buschenschanks”—Austrian wine taverns. Jessica Altieri meets with winemakers along the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of the Wachau Valley, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking stretches of river valley in Europe, and ventures inside the city walls of Vienna’s palatial wonders for a vineyard located inside the infamous Schönbrunn Palace. In addition, viewers are taken along the charming Austria’s South Styrian Wine Road with exquisite wines, taverns with enchanting views, a wine hotel, home-cooked traditional Austrian dishes, natural spa resorts, and an astounding Market Hall (Genussregal) with over 1 million wine bottles to choose from—earning southern Styria the nickname, “Tuscany of Austria.” Bonus: Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri receives a private serenade from world-renowned tenor, Michael Schade inside Vienna’s 19th century Ferris Wheel. Stay tuned for featured wine video segments from Austria with your host Jessica Altieri.


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