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Jessica Altieri Visits Gesellmann Vineyards

Jessica Altieri on August 25, 2017 - 8:38 am in Sip Some Austria

Jessica Altieri and Wine Channel TV Visit Gesellmann Winery in Scenic Mittelburgenland, Austria.

Wine Channel TV Sip Some AustriaWelcome to Wine Channel TV Digital Network’s “Sip Some Austria” tour with Gesellmann Winery. Albert Gesellmann and Angelika Artner host Jessica Altieri, Wine Channel TV CEO, on a sunny tour of Gesellmann Winery in scenic Mittelburgenland, Austria. Gesellmann Vineyards are comprised of 40 hectares among the southern foothills of the Ödenburg mountains up to the Günser uplands. Angelika boasts about Gesellmann’s ideal micro-climate with beautiful warm days and cool nights influenced by nearby Lake Neusiedl, imbuing the vineyard’s wines with a Pannonian character, making the region’s wines so unique. Albert further illustrates the richness of Gesellmann Wines to Wine Channel TV viewers with chunks of limestone rock: the underground source of Gesellmann Wines’ minerality. Gesellmann wine growers have returned to the “old ways” of winegrowing to capitalize on the region’s earthy flavor notes: planting one vine on one wooden stake with 10,000 wines per hectare so that the vine’s roots are forced to grow deeper, which allows for a more concentrated, lush body—augmenting the wine’s spiciness and earthiness. Gesellmann Winery handpicks each grape carefully using a computerized system. The grapes are then fermented organically without using any yeast and the wines are left to mature in old-style wooden casks. The history of the Gesellmann Estate dates back to official documents found from 1776. In the 1980’s, Engelbert Gesellmann pioneered Gesellmann’s red wine icons: Opus Eximium (since 1988) and Bela Rex (since 1992), using international grape varieties and French casks. Today all Gesellmann wines are aged in wooden casks, so that “they can find inner harmony in peace before they are bottled and sent out into the world.”

Winery Gesellmann is proud to be a “Top 5-Star” winery with countless awards including a recent Decanter World Wine Award 2016 Silver Metal for the OP Eximium No. 26. In 2011, the renowned FALSTAFF wine magazine voted Winery Gesellmann’s 2009 Bela Rex Austria’s best red wine. The white wines by Gesellmann are expressive as the stony vineyards, situated within the foothills of a former volcano.

During her visit, Jessica sips on Gesellmann’s Hochberc Stockkultur 2012. This rich red impresses with a strong body and spicy dark blackberries and red cherry flavor notes that linger on the palate. Angelika suggests pairing the Gesellmann’s Hochberc Stockkultur 2012 with barbeque steaks or braised beef. Check out Gesellmann Winery at, and on Instagram at @gesellmannweingut—Gesellmann Winery’s modernized marketing through various social media outlets is impressive! Stay tuned to Wine Channel TV for more exclusive “Sip Some Austria” featured videos, where wine is just the beginning of the story. Prost!


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