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Sip Some Austria Visits The Hotel Vienna

Jessica Altieri on November 8, 2017 - 2:55 pm in Lifestyle, Sip Some Austria

Wine Channel TV Visits with Thomas Lerch Owner of The Vienna Hotel

Jessica Altieri Hotel Vienna

“Sip Some Austria” continues as Jessica Altieri, CEO and host of Wine Channel TV, chats with Thomas Lerch, owner and manager of The Hotel Vienna in Vienna, Austria. The Hotel Vienna is conveniently located in between the Stephansdom and the Vienna Prater—a rich historic district. With a “pleasant atmosphere and contemporary feeling,” The Hotel Vienna has been family-owned for generations from the mid-20th century, with regular updates and innovations. The Hotel Vienna Bar is open 24 hours a day and serves an exquisite selection of Vienna’s best wines—guests don’t need to leave the hotel to sample Vienna’s top regional wines. Vienna is the only metropolis, worldwide, with extensive wine-growing areas and vineyards within the city boundaries. The Viennese wine tradition is as old as the city itself, with the oldest recorded vineyards dating back to 1132. In 18th century Vienna, under the reign of Maria Theresia and her son Josef II, wine growing was heavily encouraged with huge wine cellars running under the inner city, cultivating the ripening grapes from the slopes of Kahlenberg and Nussberg. The main grape variety of Vienna is the Grüner Veltliner which produces a light, young wine used in Vienna’s wine taverns to make the famous “Spritzer.” Other varieties grown from Viennese grapes include Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Gemischter Satz, Zweigelt and Pinot Noir and St. Laurent varieties. Stay tuned to Wine Channel TV for more exclusive “Sip Some Austria” featured videos. Prost!

Join Jessica Altieri, CEO of Wine Channel TV, for a preview of the “Sip Some Austria” video series on Wine Channel TV. Wine Channel TV toured the Austrian countryside, taking viewers on a wine lifestyle tour to one of the world’s most unique wine regions uncovering countless blends and varietals that you need to try in 2016 and beyond. Wine Channel TV will be bringing you exclusive interviews with winemakers, tastemakers, and more to take you “inside” the Austrian wine scene. Austrian vineyards charm tourists with breathtaking vistas and quaint “Buschenschanks”—Austrian wine taverns. Jessica Altieri meets with winemakers along the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of the Wachau Valley, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking stretches of river valley in Europe, and ventures inside the city walls of Vienna’s palatial wonders for a vineyard located inside the infamous Schönbrunn Palace. In addition, viewers are taken along the charming Austria’s South Styrian Wine Road with exquisite wines, taverns with enchanting views, a wine hotel, home-cooked traditional Austrian dishes, natural spa resorts, and an astounding Market Hall (Genussregal) with over 1 million wine bottles to choose from—earning southern Styria the nickname, “Tuscany of Austria.” Bonus: Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri receives a private serenade from world-renowned tenor, Michael Schade inside Vienna’s 19th century Ferris Wheel. Stay tuned for featured wine video segments from Austria with your host Jessica Altieri.


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