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Sip Some Austria visits the Styrian Wine Region

Jessica Altieri on March 5, 2017 - 11:21 am in Sip Some Austria

Erich & Walter Polz Winery

Sip Some Austria with Wine TVThe “Sip Some Austria” tour continues as Jessica Altieri, CEO and host of Wine Channel TV, visits with Christoph Polz of Erich & Walter Polz Winery in southern Styria, Austria. Jessica and Christoph sample Polz Winery’s aromatic Gelber Muskateller—perfect for summertime sipping—as Christoph Polz explains the deep family history of the winery. The winery was founded in 1912 along with mixed agriculture, and in the 1980’s the focus shifted to quality wines: dry wines and dark, fruity wines. Although the Polz Winery bottles have traveled past the country’s borders, the Erich & Walter Polz Winery is still considered a family winery in the way each family member contributes to the wine cultivation process. Here in southern Styria, the Erich & Walter Polz Winery production thrives with the terraced vineyards, geological nature of the soil, abundance of sunshine, and adequate rainfall.

Jessica then joins Riner and Walter for an Austrian feast overlooking the scenic southern Styrian wine area, known as “Styrian Tuscany,” to pair Erich & Walter Polz wines with mouth-watering, local cuisine. A crisp, smooth Chardonnay is paired with local trout, pork, and pan-fried chicken. Next, a Sauvignon blanc is paired with a roasted shank and freshly-picked forest mushrooms. Stay tuned to Wine Channel TV for more exclusive “Sip Some Austria” featured videos. Prost!


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