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Sip Some Puglia with Sommelier Jessica Altieri

Jessica Altieri on December 14, 2018 - 3:54 am in Killer Pairings, Sip Some Puglia, What's Trending, WineChannelTV

Sip The Heel of Italy with Sommelier Jessica Altieri

Jessica Altieri Wine Expert Wine Channel TVJoin Sommelier Jessica Altieri for an exclusive Sip Some Puglia featured segment with Tenute Rubino. Tenute Rubino distributes and markets its products in over 20 foreign countries under the leadership of Luigi Rubino. Join Luigi, Romina Leopardi and the team that makes this family owned vineyard a special place to treasure and enjoy.

Tenute Rubino is a family owned vineyard in the heart of Salento on the southeastern peninsula that forms the heel of Italy. The vineyard is situated over four different areas around the city of Brindisi, located a mile from the sea and up to the hills above the city. The grapes grow through mild winters and hot summers. Tenute Rubino is located on 200 hectares  producing over  1,000,000 bottles a year.

Tenute Rubino’s Susumaniello is grown in the company’s estate of Jaddico, near the Adriatic Sea. Old and new plants, bush vines and vertical trellises characterize the 13 hectares dedicated to this extraordinary variety. The soil is sandy and the wind imprints in the grape skins the rich phenolic properties typical of all the estate’s wines. In recent years, the company staff, under the personal supervision of Luigi Rubino, has worked hard to express all the greatness and versatility of Susumaniello, studying ripening times very closely in order to obtain grapes with different characteristics in terms of acidity and phenolic profile. This is how Tenute Rubino opened a path to success for Susumaniello among wine critics and enthusiasts: by producing great reds, surprising sparkling wines and a charming rosé with a Mediterranean soul. What else? In a little over a month, Tenute Rubino will open a new chapter in the Susumaniello project. For now, we can only say that it is a limited edition vintage: 410 numbered bottles charting new territory for Susumaniello, one made of longevity, persistence and aromatic complexity.

Born and raised in Chicago, Jessica Altieri was inspired by food and beverage early on, relishing in big Italian meals with her family on Sundays. After studying journalism, she started out as a sports reporter and then freelanced for big media companies before deciding to study abroad. After seeing a Master Sommelier on a television program, she immediately knew what she really wanted to do and relocated to San Jose, California to study at the Court of Master Sommeliers. After earning certification, she launched an online wine-centric digital media network, dubbed “Wine Channel TV with Just Jess.” Successes kept coming as Altieri moved into video and digital storytelling, podcasts, and wrote a book.

Take a Sip of Puglia with Tenute Rubino and Jessica Altieri, Sommelier , Wine Channel TV in our featured Sip Some Puglia segment!


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