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Babes-Bikinis-Six Pack Abs and Prosecco

Jessica Altieri on June 6, 2016 - 9:20 am in #BestSipEver, Featured Video, What's Trending, WineChannelTV

Summer of Prosecco with Wine TVBring on the heat.

Author: Jessica Altieri | Editor-CEO | Wine Channel TV Network

Babes, bikinis, 6-pack abs, and the beach—we need a wine to handle all that heat! Expect cool, refreshing, fruity sensations to hit every wine store. That’s what wine lovers crave in summer: a wine as cool and refreshing as a cannonball into an aqua blue pool. Fire up the grill, take a dip in the pool, relax and raise your glass!

The official wine of Millennials! This affordable, Italian bubbly alternative to Champagne tastes great on its own or as a mixer with strawberries or other fresh fruit. Magic lies in those white grapes. You cannot be blue with Prosecco in hand.


You’ve heard of Cuban women rolling cigars between their thighs. Well, let me tell you about the origins of a drink called The Bellini! White peaches grow like zucchini in Italy, and by the end of summer you can’t give ‘em away. At Harry’s Bar in 1930’s Venice, one lone man was hired to cut and pit the peaches, and hand-squeeze them for juice. Then the barkeep poured Prosecco into a chilled glass of peach juice, and watched the patrons grin and order four more. Were Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles among them? Harry’s will never tell!

Wine TV Summer of Prosecco 2016Favorite Sips

Great Eats

Frizzante = lightly sparkling. Spumante = fully sparkling. Expect light, crisp and dry delight when sipping this bubbly. It’s the perfect celebration drink! Prosecco pairs well with ceviche, oysters, crab cakes, fresh prosciutto wrapped around mozzarella, fruit salads and, of course, my favorite—crème brulee. But this sparkling gem also lends the perfect contrast to fried, fatty foods. Think puff pastry appetizers to buttered popcorn, and even fresh hot French fries…shhh, that’s one of my favorite pairings! The crisp acidity cuts right through the fatty, greasy foods, making Prosecco heaven in your mouth!

The Unforgettable Kiss

Prosecco always reminds me of racing a Ferrari Zagato. Yes, you bet I’m dropping names. There were only 9 Zagatos in the world at the time! We zipped from Saratoga up to stunning Lake George to enjoy the finest Italian cheeses and vino while interviewing members of the Italian Trade Commission. I once lived in Italy, and that afternoon managed to whisk me right back. At the end of the video shoot, we did a Prosecco toast, and one of the ITC members tossed a strawberry in my cocktail to make it “Perfecto”! Viva l’Italia!



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