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BBQ Pitmaster Chef Lee Ann Whippen sips SacreBleu with WineChannelTV

Chicago Q,  a Southern style BBQ restaurant in the Gold Coast of Chicago, just opened and was giving away their menus to people walking by. After seeing the “competition style ribs” on their menu I knew I found a winner, but the next thing I wanted to know was how’s the wine list.

Since Q just opened, they’re currently a BYOB restaurant for a few weeks until they obtain their final license. I had a bottle of 2009 Sacre Bleu Cabernet Sauvignon at home, and saw this as the perfect opportunity to break out that bottle.

This bold Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon has a fantastic new world style and old world earthiness all in one; it turned out to be the perfect match with my hearty BBQ ribs… and their amazing, homemade bread and butter pickles to start!

I got a chance to share some wine with the Chef/Partner of Q, Lee Ann Whippen, who was making the rounds to each table to make sure everything was to her diners liking. When she stopped by my table, I had to grab her for a quick interview.

Q is Whippen’s 3rd restaurant, the other two are located in Virginia where she has earned the title of an award winning lady pitmaster. Whippen was excited to talk about the new TLC show she’s on, BBQ PitMasters, and how she recently took down the famous Food Network griller, Bobby Flay, in one of his Pulled Pork Throw Down episodes.

Besides the fantastic ribs, I had some of the most delicious hush puppies. They had the perfect crunchiness and their combination of cheddar, bacon and chives made it a party in my mouth; this picture doesn’t do them justice!

If you’re looking for down home southern BBQ style food, with a hip bar, and tv’s in the front of the house, this is the spot to visit.

Watch WineChannelTV with the Chef on the opening day of this must visit BBQ spot in Chicago!



Chicago Q

1160 N. Dearborn

Chicago, IL 60610


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