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BYOB Chicago and Wine Channel TV

Jessica Altieri on August 20, 2010 - 12:23 pm in Chicago / IL, Featured Video, Wine Reviews by State, WineChannelTV

Do you have a special bottle of wine that you’re waiting to pop open while at a fabulous restaurant?

Chicago is the place to do it, and you have to pick up Jean Iverson’s BYOB Chicago Guidebook.

In it’s third edition, Iverson has accumulated over 375 BYOB restaurants in both the suburbs and city of Chicago. As well there’s a list of around 100 fine wine and liquor stores to hit along the way, and priceless information on corkage fee’s so you’re prepared before you arrive.

BYOB restaurants were never something I really considered until I met Jean and discovered this book. Now, I see it as a great value and way to determine how much money I’d actually be saving! Iverson states on NewCityChicago how, “It’s like going to a house party, with the laidback atmosphere in many neighborhood joints, but without the cleanup.”

After attending two big BYOB’s recently in Chicago and seeing how much fun I had, the unbelievable wines I experienced from other people in our BYOB party and the money I saved, I see this as a big trend that’s going to catch on everywhere.

Watch WineChannelTV with Iverson talking about BYOB Chicago and what she has coming up next.

And until next time, Remember, wine is just a conversation waiting to happen!


Jessica Altieri


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