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Wine TV and Cakebread Wine, Olympics and Alan Thicke in Disney

Wine TV and Cakebread Cellars

Who remembers watching Growing Pains ? If so, then one person comes to mind, Alan Thicke.

Now, how about the theme songs for Diff’Rent Strokes or Wheel of Fortune? Yep, that’s the mastermind Alan Thicke at work again. Bet you didn’t know that 😉

In Disney this weekend I got a chance to meet up again with Alan, whom I had met before at an event in L.A. I was hosting for Michel LeGrand.

The former Growing Pains star seems to rockin’ the globe. When Alan is not globe trotting to golf tournaments in the Bahamas with MJ, doing short clips with Will Ferrel online, promoting his books, or going to his rockstar son Robin’s concerts, he manages to fit in time for other things.

Alan happened to be in Disney supporting one of many causes he is a part of, this one being Diabetes.

We shared some of the delicious, bright and tropical CakeBread Chardonnay that Cakebread shipped to me in honor of the big Raiser Grazer Event I will be attending this Sunday, February 28th.The wine’s smooth pear, golden apple, mineral flavors had a nice long finish to perfectly complement my fresh crab cakes, and conversation with Alan. Thank-you CakeBread for making this meeting more memorable!

Take a look to see WineChannelTV finding out from Alan what he’s up to next, his thoughts on the Olympics and of course, wine .



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  • February 24, 2010

    Alan is one of those actors who is a part of Americana – just like Jessica Altieri is to the wine world!

    Keep up the ROCKSTAR interviews Jess!



  • February 25, 2010

    Grazie mille Martin ! 🙂

    Alan is a true rockstar ; so glad you enjoyed the video!