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Clos Du Bois Wal-Mart Wine Review with JustJess

Do you know how to properly pronounce Clos Du Bois? If you’re like me, not fluent in French, and butchered the name, take a look at their site.

Not only do they have a rockstar website with their food pairings & “how-to” section for wine, but there is a button you can click to listen to the proper pronunciation for Clos Du Bois.

At first glance, this Wal-Mart wine for about $13.97 seemed like I was going to be going home with a French wine. Then I took a closer glance and noticed it’s actually from Sonoma’s County’s Alexander and Dry Creek Valley in CA. I wonder how many people shopping at WAL-MART actually take the time to look at the small print on this wine and are not deceived ?!

Either way, this California fruit bomb wine proved to be a winner. It’s deep plum, chocolate and raspberry notes, complimented the toasted vanilla on the palate making this a wonderful, smooth pairing with your next filet mignon or even lasagna dinner.

Take a look at WCTV in action to see is this Merlot will make your night as well!




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