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Cruise CellarMaster with JustJess and WineChannelTV

Jessica Altieri on November 15, 2010 - 4:15 pm in Featured Video, French WineHarvest Celebration Cruise, Wine Events, WineChannelTV

Have you ever wondered who’s in charge of the wine on board a large cruise ship? On my recent cruise I found out it’s just one man, the Cellarmaster.

I met with CellarMaster Ghivko while on board the cruise who is responsible for all the wine on board. Ghivko and I led a few of the classes on board and his knowledge was impressive! We had people coming up to us after asking if we taped the class and to put it on a DVD; I think it was because of his funny one liners and that Bulgarian accent! 🙂

One Class that stood out was the food and wine pairing class; we had a few different pieces of chicken with different seasonings, a brownie, a tomato, an olive and gouda cheese along with four different wines all from Wente Vineyards, a Syrah, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Riesling.

It was great to see the audience’s reaction to all of the different pairings and explanations. The highlight of the class was one man who stated he was in no way a “sweet riesling type of man.” Well, once he had a bite of the chicken with some fresh squeezed lemon on top and a sip of the Riesling, he was a new man; the acidity contrasted with the sweetness of the Riesling made his day!

Watch Winechanneltv in action on board and talking with this quirky Cellarmaster!




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