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Do You Yelp for Wine?

Jessica Altieri on December 11, 2012 - 7:43 am in Featured Video, WineChannelTV

Yelp for Wine? We’ve all clicked to Yelp for “help” when searching for a new restaurant or hotel. Traveling, Yelp gets my vote for a must go to site and gives me at least a good push towards the right place. But how about Yelp for wine? You bet! You can look up a specific wine you want to drink and find out if the bar you are heading to has enough wine for you and your buddies.

Wine Lifestyle with Wine Channel TV

Wine Channel TV visited with Candice Gaitlin, Chicago Community Manager for Yelp to ask the question; Yelp for Wine? Yelp Wine reviews are pretty formidable when you start searching. It’s a no brainer; foodies review food and restaurants. Winos review wine and wine lists and the restaurant! This year Yelp has a Holiday gift guide coming out to help support local businesses and avoid the mall mania.

Wine lifestyle reviews with Yelp gets my vote. Real people with real feedback.Give it a try. Head over to Yelp and take a road tour on some wines, wine bars, wineries and check out the reviews. There’s a good chance a Yelp for Wine review you need is out there!  Be sure to visit Wine Channel TV for all your wine lifestyle needs, reviews and happenings around the world! Traveling? Be sure to check out Wine Channel TV in your hotel! Launching in December 2012 in Sonoma, San Francisco and Napa Valley.



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