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Wine TV and Twitter -Doug Cook with Wine Channel TV

Jessica Altieri on February 25, 2010 - 11:59 am in Vino2010, Waldorf-Astoria, Wine Events, WineChannelTV

Wine TV Wine Guide – Twitter and Wine

Everyone and their mother seems to have a twitter account now. But, if you have a business that you are “promoting” thru twitter, what is the best way to maximize this tool? Wine TV loves twitter.

Well, who better to answer that question than the director of Twitter search, Doug Cook aka @ablegrape.

I met with Cook at the Vino2010 conference in NYC whom had much to say about wine, twitter and all things social media. Cook also started AbleGrape, a search engine for wine information. Wine TV loves Twitter; How about a Wine TV Twitter guide?

Take a look to say what Cook had to say to WineChannelTV ; he should know; he is the director of search at Twitter 🙂

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