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Ernie Banks with WineChannelTV and the Cubs

Jessica Altieri on May 31, 2010 - 2:15 pm in Chicago / IL, Featured Video, Pinot Grigio, WineChannelTV

Ernie Banks is synonymous with Chicago. You can see his name flying high above the rafters at Wrigley Field catching the eye of everyone, including other native Chicago Superstars, like Vince Vaughn.

I met the Hall of Famer Banks while dining at Harry Caray’s infamous restaurant in downtown Chicago. He is a truly genuine person. We talked awhile, not just about sports. Actually, sports didn’t really come up. Surprisingly, it was all about WINE .

The legend has his own wine and a cruise coming up in Chicago. I am very eager to try his wine, as many celebrities are getting on board the wine train now, including Bears Legendary Coach, Mike Ditka.

I happened to be going to the Cubs game the day after I met up with Ernie and there among all of the beer guzzler’s, was a lone wine stand near my section. The selection, though, was weak…probably weaker than Dempster’s pitching that day which led to 9-1 loss.

Sutter Home Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon was offered. That’s it?! I mean, if Banks has a wine , wouldn’t you think Wrigley Field would catch on?  How about offering some ILLINOIS wines and supporting your state?! Just a thought 🙂

Since it was a scorching day and I was sitting right behind the dugout I went with the refreshing Pinot Grigio.  It’s citrus and vanilla notes were alright, not the best I’ve ever had, but a great match for my bag of peanuts and Chicago Style dog.

Check out WineChannelTV behind the dugout!




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