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Felton Road Biodynamic Wine, New Zealand Wine Day and Wine TV

New Zealand and Sauvignon Blanc have always gone hand in hand. However, many Kiwi wineries are turning that notion on it’s head with their award winning wines that you should be on the look out for..!

Felton Road is one of those wineries that’s making a push with some outstanding varietals, such as their Chardonnay  that I tasted recently. The 2007 Chardonnay Block 2 is an explosion of creamy vanilla, oak and sunny citrus notes in a glass that had me saying yummo to this screw cap Biodynamic wine.

In case you’re wondering what exactly Biodynamic means, Felton Road broke it down pretty simply on their site stating Biodynamic farming is essentially where “work in the vines is carried out in accordance with a Biodynamic calendar that advises on the right days, dependant on lunar and astrological movement, to perform each task…We try to use our land not simply to be sustainable, but also to maximise the biodiversity it supports.” I love a great wine that comes with a fantastic story and method behind it.

Felton is one of the 21 wineries in the Complexity New Zealand Wine Day taking place February 5th. We will be broadcasting live in Chicago at the Kenmore Live Studio with key bloggers soon to be announced both here, along with NYC and San Francisco.

Register today to watch the event LIVE online if you can’t attend:

Learn more here on WineChannelTV; see you on February 5th!




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  • January 20, 2011

    Love your show! We have amazing wine with an amazing label! Check out our web site at http://www.wellhungvineyard.com. We are in Virginia which is now the 5th largest producer of wine and getting better every year. I run the vineyard and we also buy grapes from neighboring vineyards and hire a local winemaker, Michael Shaps to make our wine at his unique custom crush facility. Would love to be featured on your Wine Channel, you would be sure to create a humorous show with some fabulous wines. Cheers, Amy p.s. Our label was one of only 200 chosen to be represented in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in their exhibit called The Modernization of Wine.