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From Average Joe to Wine Buying Pro

Wine Buying Guide from Jessica Altieri
Jessica Altieri on January 23, 2014 - 6:21 am in Sip & Shop, WineChannelTV

Millennials, also known as ‘Generation Y’, all have one thing in common.

They buy a lot of wine.

“They’re the largest wine buying consumer group in history,” says Jess Altieri, author of new book, ‘Kiss My Glass: Jess Altieri’s “NO-BS” Wine Buying Guide’. “The industry really has never seen anything like it.”

While Millennials will hand over cash for a good bottle of red, if you asked them the difference between varietals or what to pair with a juicy steak – the answer might escape them. Buying wine, after all, can be a little intimidating, and no person on earth wants to admit that they’re not sure what they’re doing.

Enter Jess Altieri, Certified Sommelier and founder of Wine Channel TV, the world’s fastest growing digital wine lifestyle network. With ‘Kiss My Glass: Jess Altieri’s “NO-BS” Wine Buying Guide’, nervous buyers can finally carry Altieri’s advice in their pockets and start to choose wine like a pro.

Let’s face it. Buying wine can be intimidating. But with the help of Kiss My Glass, the pocket wine-buying guide by renowned wine expert Jess Altieri, you can choose wine like a pro. Let Jess show you her favorite wines, season by season. She’ll empower your choices and boost you up over the “wine dating” hump. These delicious wine choices won’t break the bank but will make you shop like a rock star. Whether you need a light white to kick off a girls’ night out, or a bold red to shake up your next Super Bowl party, Jess Altieri’s vast experience in the world of wines is at your service.

To the author, looking ‘beyond the label’ is vital for shoppers who want to buy the best wine for their particular event.

“I break down the wine recommendations by season and share the story of the wine for consumers, so they can make an informed choice,” says Altieri. “I’m a professional wine judge, so readers can feel confident that I won’t steer them in the wrong direction!”

Continuing: “Not to mention, the wines I recommend won’t break the bank. I don’t think anyone wants to put down the equivalent of a mortgage payment just to buy a nice white wine for their dinner party.”

‘Kiss My Glass’ is available now from Amazon:


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