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How to Pair Wine and Chocolate on Valentine’s Day with WineChannelTV and Bill Nesto

Jessica Altieri on February 12, 2010 - 9:23 am in Featured Video, Pinot Noir, Vino2010, Wine Events, WineChannelTV

Valentine’s day is notoriously known for providing a difficult wine pairing. Chocolate really doesn’t seem to go with anything, as Bill Nesto MW points out at the Vino2010 event.

If you’re willing to seek out the right wine for this special occasion without worrying about whether or not it will clash with the chocolate you’ve already purchased, then there are plenty of varietals worth pursuing.

You might go with something that has a clean finish and would compliment the bitterness of a dark chocolate with a nice vintage port like Taylor’s. If you’re not a port fan, then mix things up with some Inniskillin IceWine to go with those chocolate dipped strawberries to compliment the juicy flavor of the fruit.

As for whites, Chardonnay is the kind of wine that you can never really go wrong with when paired with a nice, well done cheese platter; the two combined will bring out the best flavors in each other.

And If you must drink a red wine, then go for the sexy Petite Syrah. A great option in this line of thinking yet a bit pricier is a favorite of mine, Stag’s Leap Petite Syrah. Its smoky, berry flavors would be great with that steak dinner and a delicious alternative to the usual Cab Sauv and steak pairing.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting a little in this department, but don’t try to get too crazy with the wine and chocolate pairings. It may be better to pair the wine with your dinner, and leave the chocolate for afterwards when the bubbles have settled a bit.

Watch this video clip of WineChannelTV and JustJess talking with Master of Wine Bill Nesto on his wine picks for chocolate, what works and doesn’t, and what his LAST glass of wine would be !

…And, I want to know- What wine pairings are you choosing for the big day?

What ever you choose Just Remember – Wine is just a conversation waiting to happen.




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