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Loire Valley Wine Event, Georges Verdier and JustJess

Muscadet, a French white wine from the Loire Valley near Nantes, is produced more than any other Loire Valley wine and comes with an interesting history, as I learned from Georges Verdier of Chateau de Oiseliniere. I met with Georges Verdier at the Loire Valley Trade tasting where he was a sampling a few wines at the W Lakeshore Chicago Hotel.

One of his wines in particular that stood out was the delicious Château de L´Oiselinière, AOC Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur lie. The fresh white fruit, peach, apple, pear and acacia notes would make this a perfect wine pairing for seafood such as oysters, crayfish salad, grilled fish and even goats cheese. The wine has a nice minerality and is wonderfully balanced.

In 2006 Georges Verdier and his family became the proprietors of the Chateau de Oiselinière. As stated on their website, vines have been grown for centuries–in fact leases written on parchment dated 1337, 1471,1505, 1546 have been preserved. On the parchment dated from 1635 in particular, there is the first mention of Muscadet. It is the first known lease today and is written as follows:
“Jean de Goulet de la Fosse de Nantes leases to several private individuals from the Parish of Gorges, a piece of land consisting of 78 plots, known as “Les Grands Gâts” dependent on the land of the Oiselinière in order to plant white Muscadet vines.”

Watch this video to learn about this wine and more !




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