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Mountain Wine Blind Tasting at Chicago’s Hotel Allegro with Wine Channel TV

Blind tasting’s out of brown paper bags are not something you would usually pair with wines in the $200 price range or at the Luxury Hotel Allegro in Chicago. Yet, this pairing turned out to be a winner and WineChannelTV was there to capture it at the TITAN Mountain Wine tasting last week.

Master Sommelier’s John Blazon and Brian Cronin led the very informative discussion and tasting on Mountain Wines from the Sonoma & Napa Valley regions of California. Riedel Mountain Wine glasses were used specifically for the tasting to bring out the true value of the wines as Blazon stated; in my eyes the glasses were large enough to be a mini decanter, and I loved it !

There were approximately 15-20 people in attendance, all of whom are top sommeliers and wine professionals in the Chicago area, including locations such as Four Seasons and Charlie Trotter’s to name a few. We evaluated each wine, from the color, nose, and acidity level to better determine the elevation of the wine and assist in our blind tasting.

The overall favorite of the day was Christopher Stonestreet Cabernet Sauvignon, listed at $100 on their site. The wine was voted out of the bunch most likely to be placed on a wine list if it wasn’t there already, and was rated 96 points by Wine Advocate. The plum, blackberry, and boysenberry flavors in this full-bodied savory wine were heavenly.

Master Sommelier Blazon, who is the former Wine Sales and Standards Manager for Walt Disney World Resort, took the time to speak with me at the end of the tasting and share his thoughts on the mountain wines and specific terroir affecting them. He is now the Vice President of Sales for the Spire Wine Collection, which is a part of Jess Jackson’s Family Wines, including brands such as Hartford Court, LaJota, Lokoya, Arrowood, Cardinale- a Wine Enthusiast 100 pt wine, and Verite.

You’ll want to watch Wine Channel TV in action with Blazon to hear about this one of a kind tasting !




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