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NYC Penthouse, Brooklyn Wine, Prosecco and WineChannelTV

Jessica Altieri on August 1, 2010 - 12:23 pm in Featured Video, New York, Viognier, Wine Reviews by State, Wine Varietal Reviews, WineChannelTV

When in NYC, you go all out. That means brunching in a penthouse overlooking all of NYC and Brooklyn with great family, friends and of course, delicious wine. I did just that at my Aunt’s amazing NYC pad this past weekend.

Since we had a breath taking view of Brooklyn from the terrace, we decided to go with a Brooklyn Oenology Viognier first. This was not the best Viognier I’ve had, yet not the worst. The wine had delightful floral, honeysuckle and peach aromas, finishing with a rose/stone mineral flavor that was very light and refreshing.

A little while later, one of the neighbors across the street yelled over what are you drinking just as we were popping the Prosecco. He too was in a Prosecco state of mind;this seems to be the buzz word of the summer !

This Italian Villa Jolanda Extra Dry Prosecco was a winner, and don’t forget the smiley face on the cork; that’s a sure fire conversation starter ! At less than $15 this is a must try with it’s fresh aromatic floral and citrus notes, and a dry yet lush finish with a hint of peach.  A great aperitif wine, and it went perfectly with my famous antipasto , tomato salad and grilled chicken.

Take a look at WCTV sipping away the perfect NYC summer afternoon!


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