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Shawnee Winery and WineChannelTV talk Illinois Wine

Making occasions with wine non-pretentious and fun is what WineChannelTV is all about, and Illinois’ Shawnee Winery definitely gets it!

Shawnee Winery is a co-op winery located in Southern Illinois. According to their site they were formed to “create a market for small grape growers in the southern Illinois area.”

I met with Donna and Greg from Shawnee Winery and not only did they have some tasty Illinois wines, but they were fantastic people. Donna mentioned a few favorites are the Chardonel and the Dutchman’s Port, which is known for its rich, fruity characteristics. It’s made form Frontenac, and fortified with brand spirits as stated on their site.

I always love to meet people “behind the bottle” just as energetic about wine as I am;  as you’ll see in the video they have a real passion for wine that’s evident through their fun clothing!

Watch WineChannelTV in action with Shawnee Winery at the Art of IL Wine Festival !




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