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Sip of Summer with Sonata Wines

Jessica Altieri on August 10, 2012 - 7:32 am in Featured Video, WineChannelTV

Sip. Listen.Taste. Paul Cullen started Unplugged and Uncorked to grab hold of his love for music, wine and life. Take a sip, listen to his music and mix in a touch of cooking in the kitchen and you can see why he loves his new “gig”. His old gig was pretty cool as the bassist for Bad Company.

In 1989, a chance meeting with AC/DC members Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams sparked a friendship – and a recommendation that Paul audition for their friends, who just happened to be the band Bad Company. Cullen was hired on the spot, and through the early 90’s toured the world with Bad Company, playing in front of millions of people. For Cullen, it was a dream come true.

Cullen’s private wine label currently offers four styles of wines: Sonata Rosso (red), Sonata Bianco (white), Sonata Rosé (pink), and Jazz Freak (red). Each of these wines is cultivated in Eastern California’s Sierra Foothills and offers an exquisite tasting experience.

The English Rock Supergroup Bad Company former bassist was in Chicago for a live performance and VIP TasteIT Experience hosted by Wine Channel TV’s Jess Altieri and Rockit Bar and Grill.


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