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Prosecco Summer with Masottina

Jessica Altieri on May 16, 2016 - 9:16 am in Featured Video, What's Trending, Wine Lifestyle, WineChannelTV

Everyday and Special Occasion Prosecco

Masottina and Federico Dal Bianco

Wine TV with Jessica AltieriJoin Wine Channel TV and wine lifestyle host Jessica Altieri for a special Sip Some Prosecco tour of Massottina Winery and an inside trip thru Venice and the Veneto wine region in northern Italy.

Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri was joined for a special segment with Federico Dal Bianco of Masottina Winery in Venice, Italy.

Masottina was founded in 1946 in Conegliano Veneto. It is an established family estate that crafts elegant and polished wines from both local and international varietals. The area has been famous since the Middle Ages throughout Europe for its prestigious wines.

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