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Table Fifty-Two, Oprah and WineChannelTV’s Jess Altieri

Table Fifty-Two in Chicago is located on a small side street off of Dearborn with no visible signage except for the number 52; yet, that hasn’t stopped people such as Oprah and the Obama’s from stopping here to enjoy a meal.

Chef Art Smith, Oprah’s former personal chef for over 10 years, co-owns Table Fifty-Two bringing a taste of his Southern roots to the Windy City of Chicago.

With the fresh biscuits to start and fried foods galore, I can see how the restaurant supposedly has a Southern hospitality theme. But, this is definitely more on the “gourmet” Southern food side. Isn’t the South known for their extremely large portions? You won’t find that here. Also, the fried foods, like their pickles, resembled carnival fare. I felt like the fried pickles should of been on a stick.

However, the ambiance and wine list was a winner. I sat right at the bar next to the huge hearth oven that according to their website has been there since the Great Fire in Chicago.

I needed something crisp and refreshing to cut through the fattiness of the fried dishes, and the 2008 Graziano Sauvignon Blanc from Mendocino County hit the spot. It’s nice grassy, guava, and lemon aromas finished with a juicy mineral, citrus flavor and bright acidity. It complemented my appetizer of fried green tomatoes with tomato Jam & frisee perfectly.

Watch WineChannelTV at Table Fifty-Two to see what this spot is all about and why you should visit for a glass of wine!




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