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The Bi-Partisan Appeal of Wine with Congressman Dan Newhouse

Jessica Altieri on April 10, 2019 - 8:22 am in WineChannelTV

Meet the Congressional Wine Caucus and Congressman Dan Newhouse

Wine Channel TV Special Contributor – Jonathan Yates

Wine Channel TV and Congressional Wine CaucusJoin Wine Channel TV Special Contributor  Jonathan Yates for a special series: The Bi-Partisan Appeal of Wine. Get to know more about the Congressional Caucus of Wine and insights from Congressman Members around the USA.

In today’s episode, Jonathon chats with Congressman Dan Newhouse from Washington:

  • You have a unique background for a Member of Congress to champion the wine industry with expertise in agriculture from your education and career.  What led you to study and work in agriculture and then run for office when about half of Congress are lawyers?
  • What did you learn from your father being successful at both being a farmer and a state legislator that has led to your doing so well in Congress?
  • You actually grow grapes on your family farm.  What special insight does that give you into helping the wine industry?
  • How does the government and private sector working together make Washington wines so special?
  • How has Mother Nature blessed the State of Washington so that so many of its wines are world class?
  • My cousin was a fighter pilot who did his survival training in Eastern Washington.  How does an area like that produce some of the best wines in the world?
  • I used to live in Kirkland and marveled at the sheer genius of Woodinville in bringing together tasting rooms from more than 100 wineries across the state to a suburb of Seattle.  How did this come about (and boy do they deserve a raise)?
  • You tweet often about the Congressional Food Recovery Caucus, which you co-chair.  What do wineries do to help the environment?
  • Fittingly enough, Washington State University, your alma mater, is only one of five schools in the country with an undergrad program in wine studies.   Bigger numbers here about Washington and wine are that there are about 1000 wineries in the state and its the number two grape producer in the nation.  Per person, Washington is a global leader in wineries and production. Do you see that as a sign that the elected officials from Washington, both state and Federal, want everyone to be able to enjoy everything about wine and prosper from its presence in the state, not just the elite?
  • Now for the tough question: Sophie’s Choice time for a Member of Congress:  What happens if Washington State had played Gonzaga for the championship last night?
  • Back to an easy one to end the interview with the crowd wanting more: what is your favorite Washington wine memory?

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