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The Perfect Pairings – Wine, Movies and Steak

Jessica Altieri on August 6, 2010 - 7:41 am in Featured Video, WineChannelTV

I’m frequently asked about what are some of my favorite wine pairings. I prefer to pick a few of my favorite pairings- wine, movies and steak ! Can you say “Thomas Crown Affair” with a great steak and bottle of wine? The Red Carpet event  I hosted in NYC with Academy Award Winner Michel Legrand of Thomas Crown Affair sound track fame,  was one of those “perfect pairs”.

Speaking of which, make sure you check out Kenmore Live Studio tonight and a special appearance with the world famous Top Chef, TV celebrity,  Chef Michael Giletto.

Chef Michael Giletto

Kenmore Live Studio in Chicago

I’ll be stopping by for a fun, short wine and steak pairing at the Live in studio home of Kenmore. What a great concept, team and place to spend any night! If you are in Chicago, be sure to visit the studio!

And go watch the Thomas Crown Affair and start signing “Oh Sinner Man”!


Jessica Altieri


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