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Wine TV -“Uncorked” wines are right up my alley !

Jessica Altieri on January 15, 2010 - 6:20 pm in Florida, Pinot Noir, Wine Reviews by State, Wine Varietal Reviews, WineChannelTV

An Australian wine tasting was calling my name here in Florida.

So I got some gas and drove my Red jeep an hour out to St.Petersburg, FL to visit Uncorked Fine Wines Store.

After nearly missing it, this small, shi-shi shop was like a small hidden gem at first.

They were serving about 5 wines , it was $10 bucks to get in and you received a free glass. If you come back with the glass it’s only 5 bucks. Not bad.

But, the tasting was exactly that. A taste. More like a sip of each wine. After driving an hour I wanted more ! 🙂

The Centennial Bong Bong Red Wine was the winner of the night.

Check this video out to see what I’m talking about…a little bit too tight of quarters for my big personality but the wine made up for it :)!

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