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Vinejoy, BonJovi, Rose and WineChannelTV in Chicago

Jessica Altieri on August 30, 2010 - 11:55 am in Chicago / IL, Rose, Wine Reviews by State, Wine Varietal Reviews, WineChannelTV

Rose wine, Bon Jovi and Summer go hand in hand.  Vinejoy provided an experience with all of the above, that had people dancing in their chairs by the end of the night and sipping great wine.

I met one of the founders of Vinejoy, Ian DeGraaf, at a tweetup earlier in the month at Bin36 and he informed me on how Vinejoy plans and hosts events throughout Chicago.

The Summer Rose Wine Dinner I attended was an intimate dinner with around 25 invited guests. The dinner featured five roses the Vinejoy team hand picked, paired with three courses of warm weather cuisine at Fontana Grill in Chicago.

We dined al fresco with a guitar player in the background, and each table had an 80’s rockband theme; my table was one of my favorites, Bon Jovi. The wines were poured in a brown bag one at a time, and we had to guess where the Rose was from and what varietal it was made from. The catch was, each table had to describe the wine they were sipping in a way that related to the band they were assigned to. My first thought was how in the world can we make a wine description correlate with the song “Living on a prayer”!?

Luckily, my table had an unbelievably witty writer, Chicago Cubs enthusiast/author Floyd Sullivan, so we had the best descriptions of the night, hands down 🙂

Watch WineChannelTV in action to see how Rose paired with Summer is always a great time !




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