Wine TV and Wal-Mart Wine at Hard Rock Cafe
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Wine TV and Wal-Mart Wine at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL
is known to be the home of Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

But now it can be known as the place Wal-Mart’s Little Penguin South Eastern Australian Merlot 08′ made a name for itself :)

This $4.97 merlot’s blackberry and green pepper notes has some sweet packaging and flavor to boot.

I’m not saying this is the best new world merlot I’ve ever had, the sweetness gets to you after and WILL call for some Tylenol .. I could feel my head pounding an hour later…but for under 10 Bucks this baby won’t be going down my drain !

Check out why this wine made my stay at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino even better!


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