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WineChannelTV with President Lincoln and Maldaner’s Springfield

Jessica Altieri on May 19, 2010 - 12:11 pm in Chicago / IL, Featured Video, Merlot, Wine Reviews by State, Wine Varietal Reviews, WineChannelTV

Well, not exactly; yes, President Lincolns portrait was glaring down at us like no other picture could in the world. Maybe it was the 20 foot high ceilings, or the history of being in a vintage Springfield, Illinois classic restaurant, but the “Presidential cloud” was in the house!

Springfield IL, is known for many things such as being the home of our 16th President Abraham Lincoln, the capital of Illinois, and of course the town where Bart Simpson lives 🙂

As well, one place that stands out in Springfield is their oldest restaurant, Maldaner’s. They’ve been serving regional and seasonal local favorites since 1884 and known as the hot spot to visit.

Maldaner’s is known for their beef wellington, so as I always say, when in “rome” eat like the romans do ! I ordered the beef and was in the mood for a local Illinois wine to accompany my meal, but they did not have any. So, I went with an old, but classic Napa Merlot favorite of mine Stag’s Leap 2006. It went, as expected, perfectly with the juiciness of the beef and it’s nice earthy notes were delightful.

Take a look at WCTV in action at this landmark restaurant, and add this to the list of places you should visit!




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