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The Largest Lake in Europe, Storks, Wine and WineChannelTV in Austria

Jessica Altieri on July 20, 2010 - 9:37 am in Austria-Vienna, Country, Featured Video, WineChannelTV

Storks, the Lake and wine is what the small town of Rust, Austria is known for and they’re all equally impressive.

After about an hour bus ride from Vienna, we arrived in Rust to be greeted by local musicians…I had to join in !

Here you can find the largest steepe lake in Europe, Lake Neusiedl,  along with countless storks and nests made by the villagers welcoming their stay every March thru August before they head to South Africa. These nests were impressive!

Elisabeth Leitgeb of Weinbau Leitgeb led a very fascinating tour thru the town that would make one assume she’s lived there her entire life. Well, this Canada native has made Rust her home for the past few decades.

The Leitgeb family has run the winery for many generations, and is growing every year. A wonderful tasting was held the day I visited and the dessert wine caught my attention the most. It was a perfect after dinner dessert wine and would be a great pairing with a nice strong blue cheese.  The wine is a Ruster Ausbruch, which literally means it’s from the town of rust. Ausbruch means break out, referring to the grapes that are affected by noble rot and have “broken out” of the bunch are picked to make this sweet wine.

This wine is named after Elisabeth’s grand-daughter, Anna-Lena, whom will be handed a bottle on her 18th birthday.

Watch WineChannelTV walk thru the cellar of Leitgeb and give you a taste of Rust before it was time to jump back on the bus !




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  • July 20, 2010

    Great episode Jess. Very informative and wow – what a beautiful place!

    I also wanted to say that I like the longer format of this video…keep it up 🙂


  • July 21, 2010

    Hey Martin!
    Thank-you for the comment, I appreciate it!

    And yes , Austria was quite beautiful!