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Wine and Shoes Bravo!

Jessica Altieri on April 29, 2012 - 9:08 am in Blog, WineChannelTV

What’s trending in wine lifestyle this year? How about designer shoes and fine wine? Not only are these events festive with a women’s touch but they also include fashionable shoes for men, delectable bites and great fine wine tasting experiences. Apart from these attractions there is also a marketplace and auctions where women can take part actively and support some great causes.

The concept of Wine, Women & Shoes was originally inspired by the popular country ballad “Wine, Women and Song” and these events have been able to successfully raise more than $9,000,000 for children and women’s charities.

Get up-to-date news and insights on all Wine Lifestyle  events  from the new Wine Lifestyle Expert for millennials, Jessica Altieri, Certified Sommelier and CEO of Wine Channel TV. And next time you are headed out to a wine tasting, remember to think about your wine and shoe pairing!


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