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Wine Channel TV 60 Second Sip

Jessica Altieri on May 3, 2016 - 8:31 am in #BestSipEver, WineChannelTV

Joel Peterson “Godfather of Zin”

Join Wine Channel TV and the Wine Judges Corner, for a 60 Second Sip with Joel Peterson, the “Godfather of Zin”. When did Joel get his first taste of the wine industry? Find out here in this 60 Second Sip on Wine Channel TV and  the Wine Judges Corner.

If you want zinfandel wine nirvana, look no further than Joel Peterson, winemaker of Ravenswood and generally considered the “godfather” of Zinfandel. Joel takes us on a quick history lesson on where and how it started “back in the day” in California. Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri had the pleasure of being joined by MasterChef Season 2, Suzy Singh and together took a trip down  zinfandel memory lane with the world’s best “zin driver”, Joel Peterson.

Stay tuned to Wine Channel TV and wine lifestyle host Jessica Altieri,, for all your wine lifestyle happenings around the world. And for more fune wine experiences, visit the Wine Judges Corner at for the worlds most complete online site featuring wine comeptitions and award winning wines around the world.


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